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Why choose Orthotech?

Our goal is to provide the very highest quality appliance to meet the needs, comfort, and ultimate satisfaction of your patients. Our meticulous attention to detail combined with very competitive pricing, free prepaid postage both ways, and reliable quick turn around time will help secure the very best value for you and your patients.

Quick Summary

  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Licensed Twin Block™ lab
  • Low prices
  • Quantity discounts
  • No sales taxes
  • Free consultation service
  • Free colored brochure with consultation chart
  • Free postage paid both ways
  • Free appliance decal chart
  • Custom acrylic inlay designs

Orthotech Standard of Quality

Does your lab...

  • Properly prepare the working models waxing out rugae and undercuts, cleaning off bubbles, and filling in holes?
  • Sketch lines on the working model for the wires to follow creating professional esthetics and reinforcing the acrylic at stress points?
  • Reinforce appliances with wire mesh at stress points?
  • Soak the working models prior to pouring them to help reduce the formation of excess acrylic bubbles?
  • Sand their acrylic following burring and prior to polishing?
  • Horse-shoe the distal most portion of the appliance to assure maximum patient comfort and to avoid possible gagging reflex?
  • Finish their acrylic with pumice, tripoli, and fabulustre for an ultimate hygienic, comfortable, and professional finish?
  • Use a sealant on the acrylic to help increase hygiene, provide a pleasant flavor, and enhance the glass like appearance of the appliance upon its presentation to the patient?
  • Use the smallest size of expansion screw for the patients comfort, with the largest amount of expansion for the patients treatment?
  • Use a high quality of expansion screw, does it open smoothly, are the direction arrows legible, and does it remain stable as it opens?

  • Use high quality materials purchase from reputable and dependable vendors allowing you the maximum use of the appliance with the minimum risk for breakage?

We are confident that you will be satisfied with our services. Call or email us for more information, or get started with your first order right away!

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