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How to send your case to Orthotech

Important note: It is our goal to provide you with appliances that need no clinical adjustment. After you have poured and recovered a work model, please examine it to ensure that it is free of any anomalies. Thank you!

Work models for appliances

  1. Write the patient's name and doctor's name on the back of the work model. This will aid us in identifying the work models when you send multiple cases in one box.
  2. For appliance work models:

    Wrap each work model individually in bubble or foam wrap making sure that the teeth are well protected and secure with a rubber band.

    For study model impressions:

    Disinfect and wrap each impression individually in a wet paper towel and place in a sealed safety bag.
  3. Verify that the prescription form has been filled out completely including doctor's name, phone number, and return date.
  4. Package the work models and prescription forms in a box and make sure the contents cannot move within the box.
  5. There are no shipping and handling costs! Apply the shipping label of your choice or call us to request a prepaid label. 801-224-4141
  6. Give your package to the appropriate shipping company.

Print a Prescription Sheet

Download and print out the forms below to complete your order. You will need Adobe Reader to open the files.

Free Shipping Both Ways!

Please call us at 801-224-4141 to request a free prepaid shipping label. We will send you a new one with each completed order!