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Self-Adjusting Spring Aligner

You probably see these patients in your office every day!

  • Patients that have lost their retainer and need some re-alignment.
  • Patients that have not previously been treated but may need and welcome some slight alignment.
  • Patients that just can’t wait to have those braces off but still need some final alignment.

Some doctors use this aligner as a finishing retainer for those patients that they feel will not be diligent with wearing their retainer. The Self-Adjusting design is an excellent re-aligner for these patients.

About the appliance

  • The self-adjusting spring aligner is designed to align slightly crowded centrals and laterals
  • This retainer is easy to understand and use! The retainer comes “pre-activated” for you
  • Once the teeth are aligned the self-adjusting aligner also becomes the final holding retainer, no further “finishing retainer” is required!
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We have shown this retainer to many doctors and it has now become our most popular and demanded appliance!

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Self-Adusting Spring